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Members voted in favor of moving forward with the project. Elders are now determining if there is enough money to continue with the project. 

Below is a summary of the building project:

The building task force made the following recommendations in 2014:

1. Improve the accessibility of the basement (stairs too steep).

2.Move the nursery and toddler areas upstairs and increase space.

3.Add classrooms and increase space.

A thorough review of options that would best meet these needs and maximize the use of our physical property led us to a proposal for expansion on the northeast corner of the existing church. Based on original estimates the project cost was set at $980,000. In July 2015, the church voted to proceed with this project subject to the Elder’s decision on adequacy of funds. With approximately $100,000 in the existing building fund, a capital fund campaign was initiated seeking funding of the remaining $880,000. 

By September of 2015, pledges or actual gifts totaling $563,155 over a five-year period had been received. With these pledges covering over 64% of the total cost, the Elder board voted to proceed with the project. However, in the summer of 2016, two of the actual bids received were over $1.4 million and the low bid received was nearly $1.3 million. In addition, requirements by the City of Oskaloosa also added uncertainty and potential additional costs. Ultimately the Elder board placed the NE expansion project on hold while other alternatives were considered.

Recommendations by the Building and Property Team led us to the current proposal for a new building on the southeast corner of our property. The new building would have a free standing connection to the existing church building. Covering the alley with a building had been considered off-limits in the past but a new effort for approval was made and received. As proposed, the new building would be used as our worship sanctuary as well as host the nursery and toddler room. We see the following positives to this project:

1.The original defined need of larger, more accessible nursery and toddler rooms is met.

2.Another defined need for additional SS rooms can still be met despite the loss of the current SS building.

3.The third defined need of accessibility to the basement is currently being addressed as a stand-alone project by a local concrete contractor. The replacement of the NE windows will also be addressed as a maintenance item.

4.A 20% increase in seating in the sanctuary allows for growth.

5.Connecting the old and new buildings allows for more room for fellowship after the service and eliminates the need to go outside the building during inclement weather in order to reach your SS classroom.

6.Having two large open areas makes funerals and wedding receptions seamless.

7.Options for having all Awana on site; Sparks and T&T could alternate their activity time in the old sanctuary and use new SS rooms for book time.  

8.Maximum use of the allowable lot area with city compliance.

The cost of this project is not less than the NE expansion. The estimate is nearly the same, $1.4 million. Our current building fund is $500,000. Many of you have contributed greatly and faithfully thus far. Using the same approach as before, we would ask you to vote yes or no to the project, and if yes, subsequently indicate the amount you would pledge to give towards the project over the next five years.

 The Building Project Progress