"Together, one passionate pursuit: to know Him and make Him known"
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Knowing God
So you understand that you have done wrong and need God’s forgiveness. You believe that Jesus died for you on the cross so you can have peace with God. You have accepted this forgiveness that God offers. And you have decided to follow God’s commands. This is how the Christian life starts, but you may ask yourself: “Now what? What do I do now?”

Below are some principles that will help you grow in your faith. As you apply these principles, remember that being a Christian does not in the first place mean that you join a religion. Rather, it implies a relationship with God Himself. These principles will help you get to know God better. Also, these activities are not your ticket to heaven. Jesus’ death on the cross, and us accepting that sacrifice took care of that. However, these principles 
will give you clues about how to live, 
and they will make your Christian 
life meaningful.

Personal Bible Study

Even if your pastor is a great preacher, 
and you learn a lot from his sermons, 
it is really crucial to read and study 
the Bible for yourself. The Bible is 
called God’s Word because God the 
Holy Spirit directed the people who 
wrote down the words. If you want to build a relationship with someone, it is important to spend time and listen to what that person has to say. It is not any different with God. God will talk to you as you read His Word.

A good place to start is Luke in the New Testament. You may want to read through the whole book first, and then go back and study the book paragraph by paragraph. Pray that the Lord will teach you something new. A good way to process the information is to start a journal about what jumps out at you. It is at those times that God is likely talking to you. Sometimes you may want to memorize a verse. The Bible calls that ‘hiding God’s Word in your heart’ (Psalm 119:11). Actually, it says that memorizing will help you not to sin as well. Try to read the Bible daily. Jesus said that 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.' We need God’s words every day, just as we need food. Reading and studying the Bible will help you to know what God expects from you, will give you encouragement and will shape your view on the world. Your life will be much richer because of it

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