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"Together, one passionate pursuit: to know Him and make Him known"
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At FBC we purposefully call our small groups “Life Groups”. It is the intent that on some level our Life Groups “do LIFE together”. That probably looks a bit different in each group, as each one develops its own character depending on its members. However, there are a few core values that we try to emphasize in each setting. The groups are intended for its members to GROW IN WORSHIP through study of the Bible and prayer. Many groups study books from the Bible, paragraph by paragraph, and discuss its meaning and how it applies to real life. Others use a study guide. Either way, there is a real opportunity to get to know the Word of God better. 

The groups are also designed to be a 
safe place where you can share prayer 
requests. It is our hope that through 
these simple but profound activities, 
members will develop a closer 
relationship with the Lord. Naturally, 
this also makes Life Group a place 
where you can FELLOWSHIP with 
other believers on a different level 
than when you just attend a church 
service. Besides spending time 
worship together, most Life Groups 
have special get togethers, and many of them involve some good food. Occasionally a group will get involved in a project of SERVICE. This may mean helping someone in the community who needs care, or painting a room in a local community center. “Doing LIFE together” is meant to bless the members of the group, but we pray that ultimately each member will touch others with LIFE as well.

If you are interested in participating in a Life Group, please fill out the form at left or let the church office know. Most groups meet either weekly, or every other week. Note that obviously, for the groups to be able to function well, a reasonable level of commitment is necessary. Also, be aware that there may be a waiting list while we train more leaders.


with other Christians
with other Christians

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